Positive Developments at GREO

An update received from CEO Trudy Smit Quosai:

Good news: the great work of GREO
will continue!

We are thrilled to announce GREO's new partnership with the Gambling Commission (Great Britain) to support its recently launched three-year National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms*.
When developing the strategy, the Gambling Commission looked worldwide for examples of excellence and recognized GREO as an international leader in mobilizing research evidence to reduce gambling harms. This is with good reason: a recent evaluation of GREO's work demonstrated that for every $1 invested, $2.41 of value is created. This demonstrates GREO's capacity to move forward harm reduction initiatives in an exceptionally cost-effective manner.
GREO's existing infrastructure and international relationships will provide a quick start to accelerate the National Strategy in Great Britain. This means that GREO will be working with the best thinkers around the world to reduce gambling harms. We are excited about this new opportunity and will keep you informed in the coming weeks and months.

What does this mean for Ontario?
While the work of GREO will continue, there will be change. The funding from the Gambling Commission will be used to provide services within Great Britain and to move forward their National Strategy. As we no longer receive provincial funding for Ontario-based programs, we are exploring partnerships that will sustain our community and provincially-focused work. Our commitment, as always, is to make information as accessible as possible to reduce gambling harms. For now, you can continue to access the Research Snapshots, white papers, infographics, videos, reports, peer-reviewed literature, and other evidence-based resources in our Evidence Centre free of charge. We also offer fee-based services such as reports, custom analyses, project management, and evaluation on request.
Please contact Erika Veri Levett ( or 519-763-8049 x106) with these requests.

Looking Ahead

With change comes opportunity. We look forward to working with you to expand GREO's reach and make an even greater impact to reduce gambling harms in Ontario, Canada, and internationally.

*GREO's funding will be derived from regulatory settlements from gambling operators in Great Britain as assessed by the Gambling Commission. The monies represent restricted payments to GREO to accelerate progress towards delivery of the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms in Britain.

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