Top 10 Reasons You Should Consider RG Certification

Responsible gambling certification processes like the Responsible Gambling Council’s RG Check program or the World Lottery Association’s  Responsible Gaming Framework can be time consuming and expensive.  Is it worth all of the effort?

Having participated in both of these processes we know there are substantial benefits that come from seeking and attaining certification.  Here are my top 10 …

  1. By seeking independent certification you’re already demonstrating a willingness to improve your programming.  “Continuous improvement” is the mantra for any organization that wants to secure a long term sustainable business.

  2. Where should you be spending your time?  Renewing staff training?  Reviewing/updating your RG policies? Improving your player-facing communications?  By reviewing the certification standards against your existing programs it’s easy to create a roadmap and focus your efforts on where they’ll make the most difference.

  3. By preparing for, and participating in RG certification you’re sending a powerful commitment to your front line staff about how serious your organization is about operating your gaming business in a socially responsible manner.

  4. Getting ready for certification will improve staff and RG systems performance.  Does everyone know what role they are expected to play when someone approaches them to be self-excluded?  Do management processes support the RG policies set out by the organization?  Certification gives your organization a chance to test these and other program elements.

  5. RG policies are intended to support players, both educating those who may be at risk, and supporting those who may be experiencing problems.  Your customers will appreciate the program improvements you make as a result of certification.

  6. Gaming industry regulators who may lack knowledge in the field of responsible gambling appreciate independent certification by experts.

  7. Upon achieving certification you’ll have the confidence that your programs fairly reflect current thinking and research into responsible gambling approaches.

  8. Public officials who may be asked to approve new or expanded gaming operations often express concerns about how such approvals may impact on problem gambling in their locality.  Certification demonstrates operator commitment to taking appropriate steps to prevent problem gambling.

  9. Once your program is certified, you’ll also receive a report with recommendations on how to shore up any areas of weakness, or how to enhance your existing programming going forward.

  10. Certification bolsters public confidence.

If you are considering certification, SustainableGAMING can help you prepare for the process by reviewing your programs in advance and supporting efforts to implement missing elements that may stand in the way of success.  Contact us for more information.

Sarah SmithCertification