What is GameSense?

Those working in the field of responsible gambling face a significant challenge: they typically have good information to share, but often have difficulty finding ways to communicate that information to players in a way that is engaging.  The issue, we discovered at BCLC, is that we packaged our player education materials as “responsible gambling”, and our audiences felt that information is intended for problem gamblers.

Even worse, many players don’t want to associate with responsible gambling resources because they don’t want to be perceived as having a problem with gambling.  In short, the term “responsible gambling” carries a level of stigma that undermines our efforts to educate and encourage healthy approaches to gambling.

Recognizing this fundamental communications challenge, BCLC opted to create a unique brand which became the umbrella for all responsible gambling consumer-focused communications: GameSense.

The launch of GameSense in British Columbia was well-received by players (we tracked access to RG resources before and after launch), gaming workers, gaming facility managers, and the gaming regulator.

Like any good branding initiative, GameSense incorporates a disciplined design (look and feel) and personality (tone).  The brand appears at lottery retailers, casinos and bingo halls, and on BCLC’s internet gambling site,

This diverse but consistent application of the GameSense brand has attracted interest from other gaming jurisdictions who are keen to dial up the sophistication of their responsible gambling efforts.  GameSense is now licensed by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation (SaskGaming), and most recently the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, with other agreements currently under discussion.

If you want to learn more about the development of the GameSense brand, see GameSense: Changing the Channel on Responsible Gambling.

SustainableGAMING can provide your organization assistance in securing a GameSense license, and implementing the brand and related program support within your gaming channels.

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