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SustainableGAMING offers a variety of services intended to help regulators and casino operators create or enhance their responsible gambling (RG) programs. We have knowledge of RG programs developed around the world, a strong international network comprising researchers, regulators and responsible gambling practitioners, but most importantly the experience of leading the development of internationally recognized and certified best-in-class programs.

SustainableGAMING was instrumental in developing one of the gaming industry’s first “branding” approaches to responsible gambling.  Initially developed for BCLC’s (British Columbia Lottery Corporation) casino, lottery and online gaming businesses, the GameSense brand has now been licensed for use by the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Corporation, Saskatchewan Gaming (SaskGaming) Corporation, Massachusetts Gaming Commission, Connecticut Lottery Corporation, and MGM Resorts International. Once licensed by your organization, SustainableGAMING can assist with implementation of the support programming, consistent with the GameSense brand standards.

Whether your gaming operation is just getting started in developing RG policies and programs, or you want to improve an already well-established program, SustainableGAMING can support your requirements.



RG Strategy Development

To be truly effective, Responsible Gambling needs to be managed strategically. It needs to be sensitive to demands for short term business growth and longer term business sustainability, with a clear understanding of the consumer needs in the broadest sense. RG Strategies need to account for such things as:

  • the core mandate of gaming operator (offering legitimate adult entertainment),

  • the competitive environment,

  • the specific gaming channels offered (casino, lottery, on-line, etc.) and, of course,

  • the resource constraints of the organization.

RG strategy needs to incorporate the objectives of (1) educating consumers to make informed choices about gambling, (2) preventing gambling-related problems, and (3) responding appropriately to those consumers who may be experiencing difficulties.

RG Conference planning & Presenting

Looking to organize a conference or seminar focused on Responsible Gambling?SustainableGAMING’s Paul Smith has presented at more than 20 national and international conferences, founded/convened what has become one of the premier annual RG conferences (New Horizons in Responsible Gambling) and developed a successful multi-day RG seminar for an industry association.


RG Branding

The term “responsible gambling” carries with it a level of stigma that makes accessing RG tools and resources difficult for many, even those that may be at higher risk for developing difficulties related to gambling. SustainableGAMING is known for the pioneering work on taking a branding approach to responsible gambling in an effort to make messaging more approachable and user-friendly. A responsible gambling brand should not only enhance an organization’s RG programming by extending its accessibility, it should add value to the organization’s parent brand.

RG Staff Training

As gaming organizations become increasingly aware of public expectations around responsible gambling, more and more are committing resources, including staffing, to build or enhance RG programming. Unfortunately there is not currently any formal programming to train or orient RG staff to their new responsibilities. SustainableGAMING can develop customized seminars or one-on-one training to lay the foundations for longer term knowledge development, increasing the initial productivity of newly-engaged RG staff or enhancing the knowledge of your existing team.


Program Development

SustainableGAMING has been involved in the development and implementation of a wide variety of responsible gambling initiatives, each appropriate to the type of gaming channel, the target audience and with a mind to increasing customer engagement. These have included voluntary self-exclusion programs, gaming worker training, public and player awareness campaigns, staffed and unstaffed RG kiosks for gaming venues as well as directing supporting research and evaluation initiatives.

RG Certification

There are many reasons organizations seek to certify their RG programs, including:

  • to serve as a basis for continuous improvement efforts;

  • to help create a roadmap for future RG investment;

  • motivating staff and front line workers to support RG efforts;

  • reporting RG efforts to regulators and policy makers who may not share a more sophisticated appreciation of what RG can and should be; and

  • bolstering consumer and public confidence that concerns about problem gambling and player health are taken seriously.

SustainableGAMING has extensive experience with certification programs including the World Lottery Association’s Responsible Gaming Framework, the Responsible Gambling Council’s RG Check program, and the North American State & Provincial Lotteries / National Council on Problem Gambling Responsible Gambling Verification Program. We can assist in program evaluation in anticipation of application, and/or help with submissions.